Recording this weekend!

Super-excited to say that I’ll be in the studio all weekend with Dan Dixon working on some new recordings! I’ll post some updates after the weekend to let everyone know how it went!


11 years

11 years is a long time between gigs, but that’s exactly how long it’s been since The Yum Yum Tree have played. While I’m not an original member, I played in the last incarnation of the band, and if memory servers me I think our last gig was at the Local 506 in Chapel Hill, NC. That room was always on my bucket list so I will be forever grateful that I got to rock it.

Tonight’s show is a private house party, I wish a million people could show up but I don’t think we’ll have enough folding chairs.

Where Are All the Bob Ross Paintings?

This is the most delightful thing on the Internet today. Co-produced by Super Deluxe alumni Aaron Byrd, it's wonderfully shot, scored and edited. Aaron even makes a few cameos. Make sure to watch the video. Great story. Where Are All the Bob Ross Paintings? We Found Them.