John McNicholas is a singer, songwriter and photographer based in Atlanta, GA. He's released albums and performed with The Sunset DistrictSupervisor of the Loveless Average, The Low Days, The Good GracesThe Yum Yum TreeSpillerHoneyriderSparky's NightmareMisfortune 500, Lie, Factory Black, Parade in Paris and many others throughout the years.

John considers himself and unlikely songwriter in that my songs are character sketches of my life and the lives of my friends. "My songs can be as awkwardly personal as those by Juliana Hatfield, as tongue-in-cheek as those by Fountains of Wayne and Ben Folds and as vivid and descriptive as those by Pete Yorn and Dean Wareham."

John has performed at WMNFs Tropical Heatwave, IPO New York, multiple SXSW festivals, the Tampa Bay - In the Raw concert series, and he's opened shows for artists as diverse as G Love, Marilyn Manson, Fastball, Cyndi Lauper, Superchunk, Patti Smith, the Mooney Suzuki and many others.

Currently he's focusing on original material with his new solo/band/podcast project, The Sunset District and as a guitarist and singer with The Good Graces.

The Sunset District 

The Good Graces

Please visit the music pages for lots of samples.

Photo by Robyn Canady