Good Graces Weekend

Last weekend was a fun one as The Good Graces had a few shows in Atlanta and Athens, GA. It seems like every winter we get out of town for a quick tour, and although we didn't leave the state this year, at least we didn't have to drive through snow on a frozen interstate for 6 hours. That was insane.

Saturday's show was at The Flicker Theater and Bar, my favorite spot to play in Athens. It's right next to the 40 Watt Club, and you always get a nice little crowd of music goers filing in and out, checking out the bands. The Drive-by Trucker's were playing next door so there were more folks out and about than usual and we had a chance to play for quite a few new folks. Our friend, Jphono1, or John Harrison as we know him played with us and rocked it out on the effected acoustic guitar and loops. Really good stuff. Thanks to Helen Scott and AJ Griffin for hosting and sounding great. We had a lot of popcorn. I spilled a few drinks. Fun was had.

Sunday's show was in Atlanta at an art space called Capsule in Grant Park. It's a no frills space, but it's a great little room with a nice PA, and the folks that run the place are top notch. We kicked things off with a potluck after the Falcons' loss with some great food and drinks. Mary O. started off the music for the evening followed by jphono1 and then us, The Good Graces closing out the night.

Thanks to everyone that was a part of the weekend. We had a great time!

Saturday Photos:

Sunday Photos: